Cradle Cap Oil (30ml)

30ml glass amber bottle with white pipette


A rich and balanced blend of deeply moisturizing jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed and avocado oils with the powerful skin healing and anti-inflammatory properties of calendula, lavender and chamomile to help promote a healthy scalp that is soft and oh-so-kissable!

It is designed to help soften hard, dry skin for easy and gentle removal; balance the skin’s natural sebum production; soothe and calm pain and inflammation; and help the skin heal, while leaving your baby’s skin and hair healthy and soft to the touch.

Mssage a generous amount of oil into your baby’s scalp, focusing specifically on the harder skin tissues, and allow to absorb for 12-24 hours to help soften the hard flakes. Once the hard skin has softened, use a bristle brush or a baby’s tooth brush and gently brush the flakes to loosen and remove them and then wash baby’s hair with a mild shampoo to remove any oily residue and loosened flakes.

Depending on the severity of the cradle cap flakes, the process may need to be repeated until all flakes are soft, loose and removed.

Always take care when brushing your baby’s scalp. Slow and gentle is always the preferred method to prevent injury, pain or discomfort, which is also why it is important to try and soften the flakes as much as possible before brushing, which may require multiple applications of oil before brushing, depending on the severity of the cradle cap.