Labour & Birth Support

As Your Doula, I offer mothers and their birthing partners specialized support during the mothers' labour and birth with the following:

Breathing is essential to the birth process. It helps to break the tension-pain-fear cycle within the mother by oxygenating the body, uterus and baby, creating a sense of calm and focus while minimizing stress on the baby in utero. This allows the mother to have a healthier, easier, faster labour and birth, while lowering the risk of complications.

Changing positions and activity during labour can assist with a variety of factors such as comfort, pain, and labour progress. In other cases, specific positions can help with the baby’s position in utero, increasing pelvic space, and easing the amount of work needed by the mother during birth.

Massage and comfort measures during labour helps to relax the mother during a stressed or tense state and gives her an opportunity to rest during exhausted phases. It can help to promote the release of labour, bonding and pain-relief hormones and chemicals in the body while increasing the intimacy of the birth experience.

I am fully qualified in specialized therapeutic techniques such as Aromatherapy and Rebozo technique which can assist with many factors such as: labour progression, foetal descent, pain management, faster dilation, foetal repositioning, back labour relief, mental and emotional balancing, and relieving general discomfort. Some techniques can also be taught to the birthing partner to promote a more active companion support and early bonding.

A well informed mother is a confident mother, and a confident mother is a mother who surrenders to labour with greater ease and less fear, with the ability to follow the guidance of her birth team and make better decisions for herself, her birth and her baby.

The support of the labouring mother’s birthing companion or partner is essential to her mental and emotional health and the good outcome of the mother’s birthing experience. A doula does not replace that companion/partner, instead guides them on how to best support and serve the mother in labour, working alongside the doula as part of the mother’s birthing team.

I offer my services to all mothers and couples who are giving birth at one of the birthing centers listed below or in the comfort of your own home, should you decide on a home birth.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of my Scope of Practice and hospital policies, I do not offer labour and birth support for unassisted home births (where a midwife is not present for the delivery) and elective/scheduled cesareans.

Post Partum Support

I also offer post partum support for mothers and couples for the first 6 weeks after the birth of the baby, giving guidance and assistance with:

Breastfeeding is often something that new mother’s may find difficult and confusing and some mothers eventually give up on breastfeeding altogether due to many factors. Breastfeeding increases bonding and boosts the wellbeing, infant microbiome and strong emotional development of the baby (I assist with support and information and a lactation consultant may still be recommended in necessary).

Mother and baby bonding is vital to their relationship, the mother’s personal, intimate connection to her newborn, and the emotional development of the baby. Bonding doesn’t always come easy for some moms, despite the many options available that assist with the process. Bonding is important as it is not only beneficial for the mother’s attachment to her baby, but also for the baby’s attachment and sense of security with the mother.

Baby wearing and especially skin-to-skin contact between mother and child is beneficial for many reasons including bonding, breastfeeding/lactation, strong emotional development of the newborn, support of the infant’s microbiome, regulation the infant’s body temperature and blood sugar levels, and infant sleep.

Doula Service Packages

You can choose from any one of the doula service packages below that best suits your budget, preferences and/or needs.

  • Virtual Pregnancy Support
  • 1x Antenatal Consultation
  • Labour & Birth Support
  • 6 Weeks Postnatal Virtual Support
  • Virtual Pregnancy Support
  • 1x Antenatal Consultation
  • Labour & Birth Support
  • 6 Weeks Postnatal Virtual Support
  • 1x Postnatal Home Consultation
  • 1x Baby Bath Drops


The below products can be added onto any package at your own discretion at an additional cost.

Cotton Berry Rebozos are traditional handwoven Mexican scarves/shawls with many uses such as: pregnancy support, labour and birth support, baby wrapping/carrying, belly binding, fashion/cosmetic function, etc. These rebozos are made from 100% cotton thread and are available in an assortment of colours.

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Rebozo - Pink Raspberry

Bryan Lütge Baby Bath Drops is a gentle blend of pure mandarin, palmarosa, lavender and grapeseed oil to calm, comfort and soothe baby before bed while nourishing, protecting and moisturizing your baby’s delicate skin.

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Baby Bath Drops

Bryan Lütge Baby Massage Oil is a delicate blend of pure lavender, neroli, palmarosa and chamomile in grapeseed oil to cocoon baby with a sense of comfort security and calm while gently nourishing and soothing baby’s delicate skin.

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Baby Massage Oil

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