As Your Doula, I would like to invite you on a sacred journey of discovering your hidden power and your body's capability of birthing naturally. Where your body leads, miracles follow.

About Your Doula

Hi, I'm Your Doula, Natalie Lütge - Certified Birth Doula & Aromatherapist.

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, both birthed naturally with a midwife at Genesis Clinic. I am fully qualified in aromatherapy, baseline practice and rebozo technique. I am also registered with WOMBS and DOSA, therefore registered with Discovery, Fedhealth and Momentum medical aids.

I am based in Johannesburg, serving at home births within the Gauteng region, or at the following centres: Genesis Clinic (Johannesburg), PNS Birth Centre (Randburg), Blissful Births (Roodepoort), TL Childbirth Home Birth Centre (Linksfield), Little Arrivals Birth Centre (Meyerton).

As Your Doula, I would like to invite you on a personal journey of discovering your deeper strength  and your body's capability of birthing naturally. Where your body leads, miracles follow.

It is my privilege to hold your space as you labour while guiding, encouraging and serving you and your partner through the process of bringing a new life into the world. It is an honour to be by your side through such an important, intimate and impacting time; your journey of surrender and self-discovery.

As Your Doula, I aim to uphold your dignity through care, respect and responding actively to the instinctive needs of your body through the labour and birth process. Let's work together as a team to create a positive birthing experience that is empowering and memorable.

What is a Birth Doula?

A birth doula is a professionally trained birth support professional who has an intimate and professional knowledge of the physiological and emotional process of labour and birth, and generally (although, not always) has personal experience in these areas. Birth doulas are specially trained to offer emotional, mental, physical (and in some instances, even therapeutic and spiritual) support to a woman and her birth partner  throughout the labour, birth and immediate postpartum stage.

To find out more about what a doula does and how they benefit the birth process, you can read more here.

Aromatherapy is an integrative therapy that uses botanical extracts and essences in the form of massage (topical application) or inhalation to promote health and wellness of the body, mind and emotions. Aromatherapy can help to soothe unsettled and unbalanced emotions; calm the nervous system; relax the body and mind; encourage deep and regular breathing; ease pain and discomfort; promote regular, effective contractions; create a comforting atmosphere; mask labour and birth ouders; and balance the body's physiological responses.

You can read more about the use of aromatherapy in the maternal space here.

Kindly note, that my qualification and practice of aromatherapy is based strictly on science and chemistry, anatomy and physiology.

Also known as 'rebozo manteada', rebozo is a traditional technique originating from Mexican midwives, that utilizes a special scarf/shawl to genty massage and 'rock' a woman's body in different ways to help stimulate uterine contractions; encourage optimal foetal positioning and descent; ease labour pain and discomfort; promote relaxation; assist with pushing during the second stage of labour; support labour positions; and create a sense of privacy and security.

Rebozo techniques can also be taught to birth partners to encourage an active participation and deeper bonding. Private rebozo classes for couples (virtual and in-person) are available upon request.

If you're interested in purchasing a rebozo for your pregnancy, labour, or birth; You can view the available rebozos in my shop.

Pain coping techniques are used during labour because, although the body knows how to cope with labour, the mind often doesn't. The mind works as a protective mechanism against high-intensity sensations on the body but it can often get in the way during labour, which is why it helps to mentally prepare beforehand; you can do this by finding your baseline: the natural or instinctive coping responses of the body and mind caused by a high-intensity sensation.

Baseline practice is a quick, practical technique that explores the mind and body's natural responses; providing a better idea of how you're likely to cope during early to mid-active labour. It helps with listening to your body, and discovering your unique coping methods and how to utilize them effectively during labour. It also helps to better prepare the birth partner, encouraging an active participation.

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear"

- Jane Weideman

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