Angelcare Sound & Movement Monitor

Movement sensor pad with cord covers and adjustable sensitivity levels • Nursery unit with tabletop stand, temperature colour-code display and talk-back audio • Battery powered, digital audio Parent unit with temperature display, battery power indicator and talk-back function • Model AC115

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Rest assured while your baby sleeps with the #1 monitor recommended by Survival CPR training group.

An advanced sensor pad that is placed under your baby’s mattress, detects even the most subtle of movements with an alarm that sounds only if there has been absolutely no movement for 20 seconds. This is a brilliant feature which has helped many mothers prevent many serious injuries such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The sensors sensitivity levels can also be adjusted to give you extra peace of mind.

The monitor has an outstanding transmission with a range of up to 230 metres (clear line of sight) and a talk-back function to reassure your baby with the sound of your voice. The nursey unit has a tabletop stand and a colour changing room temperature LED ring.

The Parent Unit boasts crystal clear, secure, digital, audio and nursery room temperature display. It is wireless and mobile with a low battery indicator to inform you when your battery level is low. The parent unit has temperature alerts at 15ºC, 18ºC and 23ºC