Rebozo – Frosted Blueberry (2m)

2 metre rebozo  •  Royal blue weave with cool white tassels.

Handmade items can contain ‘flaws’ which represent unique character and hints of individual hand-craftmanship may be present.

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100% cotton. Authentic. Handwoven using the foot pedal loom method in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Used extensively by birth workers and women for puberty, pregnancy, labour and postpartum support.

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When you purchase an authentic rebozo, your contribution goes towards supporting our beloved Mexican artisans. Through their selfless generosity, they have gifted the Western world with a beautiful, traditional practice that has helped to radically change the outcome of pregnancies, births and postpartum journeys for women all over the world. Rebozos help to promote positive, supported, mother-and-baby-focused maternal journeys. May we always strive to respect this sacred tradition and support our beloved artisans by always choosing authentically handcrafted, Mexican rebozos.